TNF Premiere: T-Rex Marathon – “Sheltered”

Besides having a uniquely awesome band name, Canada’s T-Rex Marathon deal in high energy, catchy alt-rock/post-hardcore music that effectively straddles the lines between those genres. Most importantly, the band’s music is fresh and fun while still displaying solid songwriting and technical abilities as well. In other words, a band that should be on your radar – because why else would we be talking about them, right?

Anyway, we’re stoked to bring you the premiere of the band’s new video for “Sheltered” today. The new video for the song is off the band’s new full-length, Days Without Incident, out October 16th. Needless to say, if you’re into bands like Billy Talent or Taking Back Sunday, you’ll probably like what T-Rex Marathon is doing – just know that it’s all done with plenty of talent and heart.[0]=68.ARDqW0oNttBOFWRq1oRHhoH8x_7trq1QOEWjei_1lr4Uj11n8Ib8w172_qvZYWS1n8qXnKrzAv_l3qLrEVS90pMTCBmRvGiRwib0OSSoWhTprRYXMA3YHGzimphF6cMx-eImRaFvFS8VY7kS7sw6eboaHMVS2XHzOySPkchos9cREV5E-G-koxxei2oeqLqVNdI8ItvMm_vudj9n1P2qh23BEmCTPh0SdQiWgtQW981KWVSD0_OlnU8XGLUTMWoc8j87qimhyJ1oAzuOHfxM9ptY50u_ffU4Xa9F2-2keSvK3qprKAWr_ouGcVBGDYGOfxlyNn80f6uAq1BYOmYZO5FCAx5pEBlS4QMT7w&__tn__=-R

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