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Hi! I’m Bradley Dillon, and I founded The New Fury. I interview bands, write a ton of features and editorials, and I love music. It’s what I live and breathe. Some of my favorite bands include Deftones, Linkin Park, Funeral For a Friend, This Will Destroy You, Rush, Anberlin, Melt Banana, Mono, A Tribe Called Quest, Daisyhead, and thousands more. I’m also a massive sports fan. Steelers, Penguins, St Louis Cardinals, Florida Gators. I LOVE HOCKEY. Thanks for being a fan of what we do here. If you learn one thing from browsing here, it’s discovering a new band or gaining a new perspective on music from the past. Cheers!




COO / Staff Manager/Head Photographer:

Alex Valentovich

Hey! My Name is Alex Valentovich. I’m the COO for New Fury Media and co-manage the entire site along with running the staff.. You can find my news articles, photo galleries, reviews and more on New Fury Media. I’ve been in the press game for 15+ years now and have been doing photo coverage for just over ten years.









Cait McMahon

Staff Roster :


Savannah Lee Rowley – Photographer

IG : savileeography

Twitter : savileeography


Cortney Lesovoy – Photographer / Writer

IG : cortneylesovoy

Twitter : cortneylesovoy

Dena Gonzalez – Photographer

IG : denagonzalez12

Twitter : denagonzalezx

Mya Tolliver – Photographer

IG : mya.png

Twitter : MyaTolliver

Brandon Bradley – Photographer

IG : brandon.chasingsunsphoto

Jason Duarte – Advertising & Partnerships

IG: inrsgntarts

Twitter: insrgntarts



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