December 6, 2023

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Aaron Pauley says new Of Mice & Men album is “nearly there”, in the artwork stage

Despite the number of member shifts the band has endured over the years, metalcore band Of Mice & Men have been releasing new albums at a rate that only Dance Gavin Dance and King Gizzard would blush at, averaging a full-length approximately every 18 months since the 2016 release of Cold World. After their Defy album released in early 2018, the September 2019 release of earthandsky was actually a strong contender for the band’s best album to date – landing a spot in our coveted Best Albums Of 2019 list.

While we know the band has been working hard on new music during their quarantine downtime, it appears we might be getting a new album from the band rather soon – and possibly on a new label, too.

Aaron Pauley notes that the new album is in the “artwork stage”, and while there’s obviously no timeline for a new single or album drop (again, they just released an album barely a year ago), it appears possible the band might be on a new label this time around.

All of the band’s previous material was cut for Rise Records, and if Sharptone Records’ tweet is any indication, it’s possible the two might be joining forces. There is, of course, precedent for this – Sharptone have become known for signing both up and coming bands (Loathe, Holding Absence, Of Virtue), as well as a plethora of established veteran acts (Emmure, We Came As Romans, and more). Or it could just be a tweet that means absolutely nothing, only time will tell.

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