February 29, 2024

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About Us

In April of 2011, the story of TNF began when Tim & Tonie Morris founded I’m A Stain Zine. With IASZ, we had a vast staff and a strong foundation was formed. While booking numerous successful shows, we released a highly downloaded compilation, as well as covered national & unsigned acts (IE:Close Your Eyes, Everclear, Stick To Your Guns & many more).

A year later, we merged with Bradley Dillon’s brain child Introduce Yourself Magazine and changed our name to Introduce Yourself Zine. With this new name we continued to excel and reach bounds we believed were never possible (100,000 weekly views). Our staff interviewed bands such as P.O.D, These Hearts, Nonpoint, Oceano, Transit and many more. Not to mention a 90’s themed week where we talked to bands such as Candlebox, Harvey Danger, The Melvins, Sponge and many more. IYZ conducted a radio show, held concerts with national touring acts (Evergreen Terrace and more), sponsored a venue in Hudson,FL and reached heights never thought possible.

During that period of great success, the members of IYZ split apart to do their own things – Tim and Tonienne raised Rise Above the Anchor from the ground up, Bradley founded TheNewFury, and Sean Jacobs founded Defend The Scene.

Just over a year later, Tim and Bradley joined forces again, retaining the look of Rise Above the Anchor, but keeping the TNF name. Almost all the IYZ staff was retained, but the mission stayed (and stays) the same – to bring you the best bands you don’t know yet, as well as a look back at the bands who brought us here today.

We’re here to give you eye-opening perspectives on music, sports, and video games – without all the TMZ-style reporting that goes on in many websites today. Diversity is key. While we put a strong emphasis on music and culture from the “alternative” space, we cover so many genres that we can’t be pigeonholed like so many other websites. Post-metal? Pop-punk? Death metal? Electropop? It’s all here.

As of 2023 we’ve covered some of the biggest artists and festivals across 3 different countries, interviewed and photographed hundreds of acts, and post constant news and editorials featuring your favorite artists. On top of that we also feature wrestling reviews, movie and game reviews, and random memes and tidbits to give you something to see or think about.

As of February 2020, New Fury Media has a reach of over 700k users across various social media assets and web traffic averaging 200k viewers monthly. We couldn’t have done it without you! As of July 2023 we’ve amassed a total of of over 50 million views between our social media channels and website! 

Thanks for being a fan. We’ll see you in the pit.

All inquiries: newfurymedia2014@gmail.com & apocalypticdemisephotography@yahoo.com.

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