March 1, 2024

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The Plot In You’s “Feel Nothing” has hit 100 million Spotify streams – here’s how it all worked out

Do you even lift, bro? The Plot In You certainly does. To be fair, The Plot In You have always been a bit of a black sheep within the section(s) of the music scene they’re generally assigned to. Whether you consider the band post-hardcore, metalcore, alternative rock, or something else, the truth is that TPIY don’t fit neatly into any genre descriptor. That’s due in part to the band’s last couple albums having serious pop + R&B influence. It’s what has made the band able to tour with bands Whitechapel, Structures, Underoath, and After The Burial – just to name a few.

With five full-length albums under their belt at this point, where The Plot In You will go next is anyone’s guess, really. Though we know Landow Tewers isn’t interested in writing the same record twice, we do know there are certain kinds of songs the band is great at writing. Particularly, their penchant for huge choruses and lyrics that really hit hard for many people.

The band’s huge single “Feel Nothing”, undoubtedly one of The Plot In You’s signature songs, has reached 100 million streams on Spotify. Besides the obvious that the song is huge and relatable to many, it became a viral hit when it went nuclear on TikTok in 2021. In fact, it was “only* sitting at above 40 million on Spotify in October 2021, which means it’s gained over 50 million streams since then. That’s obviously a big number for any artist. For comparison’s sake, though, TPIY’s newer material is compared to Bring Me The Horizon quite often, as both bands share a similar penchant for not being afraid to integrate pop and electronic influences into their music to varying degrees. Only a handful of Bring Me The Horizon songs have reached that 100 million Spotify stream milestone, so The Plot In You doing that with “Feel Nothing” is pretty monumental.

For those not in the know, the already-popular song skyrocketed to the Spotify Viral 50 when it entered the weightlifting and workout community, of all places. Pretty crazy, right? But to be honest, the two do kind of go together. In fact, you can literally find it on lifting and workout playlists all over Spotify.

All of this success is to say that The Plot In You are adept at writing huge songs that also manage to touch the soul. It just so happens that some of them make you a tougher individual. Make no mistake, though – The Plot In You’s success is not an overnight thing.

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