Nightlife debuts flashy soul-punk sound with debut EP, “new low”

What do you get when you mix punk, soul, and add a touch of disco? Well, for starters, something I’ve truly never heard before – it’s a genre blend I never even could have devised.

The real answer is Nightlife – Baltimore’s newest band. An all-black three-piece fronted by vocalist/producer Hansel Romero, the trio mesh the above genres into something truly unique. With inspirations like Stevie Wonder, letlive., and Donna Summer, the vibe created from the group’s tracks are as explorative as they are innovative.

Already prepared with three songs, the act’s debut EP, new low, has released today, comprised of original songs “new low”/”all i know” and a compelling cover of Rob Thomas’ “Lonely.” There’s funkiness, there’s bouncy riffs, there’s layered + harmonized vocal runs, and there’s so much more to unpack after just one listen. Romero’s production, which he’s honed recording the bands Pinkshift and In the Mourning, shines in creating busy soundscapes that rewards listeners that can pick up on every moving part.

Nightlife are just starting out, but immediately have what it takes to join the recent surge in impactful DIY POC artists that are making a real splash in the scene like Meet Me @ The Altar, Action Adventure, and Romero-recorded Pinkshift. I only wish there was more Nightlife to absorb, but new low will have to tide us over for now!

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