Dying Wish are out to give metalcore an injection of energy with “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory”

Portland’s Dying Wish are awfully impressive, that’s for sure. One of the underground’s more hotly tipped heavy bands as of late, the band is led by impressive frontwoman Emma Boster and a powerful rhythm section. While carrying a familiar mid-2000s metalcore sound (Walls Of Jericho, Atreyu, and Poison The Well influences come to mind), Dying Wish are undoubtedly an intense band with just enough melodicism to have a wide-ranging appeal.

The title track to the band’s SharpTone Records full-length, “Fragments Of A Bitter Memory”, is out now – and let’s just say it delivers the goods. Said album is out in October, and if this song is anything to go by, we might well have yet another promising young metalcore band on our hands. Enjoy this B A N G E R in the meantime.

Fragments Of A Bitter Memory tracklisting:

01. Cowards Feed, Cowards Bleed
02. Hollowed By Affliction (ft. Tyler Norris)
03. Innate Thirst
04. Severing The Senses
05. Fragments of a Bitter Memory
06. Cold Hearts in Bloom
07. Until Mourning Comes
08. Now You’ll Rot
09. Blood Laced Misery
10. Enemies In Red (ft. Bryan Garris)
11. Drowning In The Silent Black

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