September 23, 2021

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So This Is Suffering teams up with Misstiq to release their new song “Vertex”

So This Is Suffering is a veteran deathcore band from the SoCal area, who’ve been making waves in the scene ever since their debut album. Surfacing in 2017, the band quickly rose up in the metal community. Establishing a punishing take on the deathcore genre with interesting songwriting, So This Is Suffering has teamed up with Misstiq for the new track “Vertex“. This isn’t the first time they’ve collaborated and we are glad to see them work together again. So This Is Suffering enter the 2021 scene with their newest song “Vertex” and it’s very reminiscent of their early work in the deathcore scene with a haunting atmosphere, chaotic, well structured instrumentals, and the aggressive vocals that tie it all together. So This Is Suffering is looking strong in 2021, and we wonder what’s in store next!

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