Rotten Tongue, a newcomer in deathcore, is set to make their debut on March 25th

We have been lucky to be put in touch with bands fresh off the drawing board with some really good material, one of those artists is Rotten Tongue. Rotten Tongue is a multi-instrumental artist who is creating music and videos for fans of downtuned music with depressive and introspective lyrics. The brainchild of Julian Hendrickson, Rotten Tongue is a uniquely formulated deathcore act with melodic aspects sprinkled in at just the right moments. Aiming to please metalheads both old and new, Rotten Tongue is set to release their debut song “Suspended and Separated“, which will be unleashed tomorrow on March 25th. We were given an early listen to the track, and the quality and songwriting is pretty impressive. Rotten Tongue knows the music he wants to creates, and he sets his focus on perfecting that style.

Check out the teaser uploaded that features the track set to release tomorrow.

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