Linkin Park is trending on Twitter yet again, because of course they are

We probably don’t need to tell you why, but Linkin Park is trending once again on Twitter. Shocking that this would happen to one of the most beloved rock bands in history, but hey. Anyway, you’re probably wondering how and why it happened again, so we’ll fill you in.

The tl;dr version appears to be a question that seems to make the rounds every now and again on social media. Namely, this one (or a variant) that asks something to the effect of “what were your five most-listened to bands in high school?” Considering that for many, one of those bands was Linkin Park (or other nu-metal, rock, hip-hop, or other artists), this isn’t a surprise. What is pretty neat, though, is that LP is currently (as of the time of this writing) the #2 trending topic in the USA. Fantastic.

Other bands trending in a similar fashion include Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and even Incubus, just to name a few. This poses the question, though – what were your most-listened to bands in high school?

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