Tom DeLonge says he’s open to reuniting with Blink-182: “It’s definitely something we’re all interested in”

While he’s busy with the solid new Angels & Airwaves album and discussing extraterrestrial life on other planets via To The Stars, Tom DeLonge will forever be linked with his time in Blink-182. From 1997 to just before Blink’s initial hiatus after their 2003 untitled album was released, they were one of the biggest pop-punk bands on the planet – selling millions of albums and gaining new fans at a massive rate. And it’s clear that, despite Tom DeLonge not being part of the band anymore, that fans would love to have him back in some capacity.

Now, it appears DeLonge is interested in reuniting with the band after all – at least in a recent interview, which you can watch below.

Appearing on The Late Late Show with James Corden, DeLonge had plenty to say about his interest in reuniting with Blink-182. Helpfully transcribed by ToneDeaf, DeLonge had this to say:

“I feel like I’m always talking about a reunion. We always talk about playing together again and I think that’s definitely something we’re all interested in. Finding the time to do it, where it lines up with everybody’s priorities is really all that’s needed. And getting Mark healthy again, getting him strong again. But yeah – I’m down, I think those guys are down, I think just finding the time to do it, and when, is really what we have got to figure out.”

Keeping in mind that Matt Skiba (DeLonge’s replacement) is still in the band at this point, one wonders what said reunion might look like. Both vocalists in the band? No more Skiba? A supergroup of sorts? Only time will tell.

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