Hardcore Lives: Turnstile’s ‘Glow On’ just crashed the Billboard charts with a Top 30 first-week debut

Turnstile have been one of the hottest names in the hardcore underground for years now. While they’re not what one would call “underground” anymore, it wasn’t until fairly recently the band started gaining a huge fanbase – and the band’s new album Glow On is a deserved victory lap for the genre-blurring band. It’s not a surprise that the band’s new record is their most successful to date – but now the first-week chart numbers are in, and for a band like Turnstile, they’re pretty staggering.

According to ChartData, the album sold almost 16,000 records in its first week of release (it dropped August 27th), and landed a #30 debut on the Billboard Top 200. This is a true breakthrough moment for the band, as their previous two full-lengths Nonstop Feeling and Time & Place didn’t do quite this well – and the new album’s diversity manages to be fun and accessible without coming across as boring or overextending themselves. It’s a fun hardcore record that meshes elements of shoegaze, indie, alternative, and many more into a super fun package.

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