Daniel Cece steps into the solo scene with his new song “Sceneless”

Daniel Cece made a name for himself in the metal scene for formerly helming the percussion for metal juggernaut Krosis. Daniel Cece brought Krosis a layer of unique drumming to an oversaturated genre. As of lately Daniel has stepped out of his comfort zone and tackled a unfamiliar genre, hip-hop and rap. Daniel has burst onto the scene with his releaseSceneless’, and right from the go you realize Daniel has something different to bring to the new genre he’s exploring for himself. Daniel goes above and beyond with his new song talking about his experience with toxicity in the metal scene, which is very present. Daniel’s meaningful lyrics are accompanied with a well produced beat and execution vocally. Daniel brings Michael of Flub on board as a feature to add more layers to an already well diverse track in terms of production and execution. Daniel is just getting started and we’re here for it.



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