Betting on WWE: Why Should You Consider WWE as a Betting Sport?

World Wrestling Entertainment is an American company that holds wrestling competitions broadcast on television. This is not only a bright spectacle, which is densely incorporated into the everyday culture – it is also a game that you can play at NationalCasino for real money, and video games, but also an opportunity to make money. After all, bets on WWE are available at bookmakers’ offices, and players can bet on both individual fights and entire tournaments. Information on how to choose the outcome, the bookmaker’s office, to analyze fights and use strategies bettors will find in this material. And if you’re a bet winner, you can make lots of extra money.

Features of Betting on WWE

Although wrestling in a bookmaker’s office is presented in the sports section, it cannot be considered a full-fledged discipline. Here the focus is not so much on the skills of the fighter but on his ability to interact with the audience and put on a show. Fans of aviator register may also benefit as well.

The audience is not only interested in watching powerful performers, but they also like quality actors. One hides his face behind a mask, the other uses special techniques.

Features of the Discipline:

The main idea is the struggle between good and evil. It is this confrontation that has always interested viewers. The powerful hero John Cena, who stands for a fair fight, or the provocateur Sheamus. Each viewer has his favorites, that’s why wrestling is so popular.

Most fights are based on a script. It is agreed in advance between the participants in the tournaments who will win this time. Because of this, not all bookmakers include wrestling in their rosters, often the winner of the battle is known in advance.

You can use third-party objects in the fight. Wrestlers strike with anything they find under the ring: ladders, chairs, stairs.

In some BKs, wrestling events are not presented in the sports betting section, but in the TV game line. Therefore, if the bettor did not find WWE in this category, it is worth visiting the TV shows tab.


Wrestling has fights in two categories:

NXT. This is the part of the organization that makes real stars out of amateurs and semi-professionals. All of this is broadcast on the NXT television show. The best fighters get a contract with the big leagues and will be able to prove themselves at the highest level next season.

WWE. This is an all-star category, with every wrestler trying to make it here. There are 10 championship titles a year. Of these, four are in the Raw promotion, four in SmackDown, and two more in the inter-brand and inter-gender categories.

The strongest title holders are determined by the following tournaments:

WrestleMania. The main championship of the season, which has been held every spring since 1985. It was at this event that the U.S. record was set for the number of spectators in an indoor arena. More than 103,000 wrestling fans attended WrestleMania 2016.

Royal Rumble. Royal Rumble captivates viewers with its interesting competition format. There are 50 competitors in the ring at once. A new wrestler appears every 1.5 minutes, and the winner is the last one left. The task of the contestant is to throw the opponent over the top rope. At the battle royal, up to 15 fighters can be in the ring at the same time.

Summer Slam. The third most important competition in WWE. Here, every year, the winners of the WWE Universal Title are decided.

Survivor Series. Survivor Series, which takes place in the fall and serves to determine the toughest fighter. The Survivor Series features matches in the men’s and women’s categories, as well as between teams of different brands.

Types of Bets

In the list of betting shops, there are bets on both major league wrestling and NXT tournaments. Available bets on such outcomes:

Winner of the match. There are only three possible outcomes of a fight, but a draw in wrestling is a rare result. It is fixed if both participants were disqualified. The odds on this outcome are as high as 50.

Method of ending the match. This bet has three options: by a painful or choking hold or after disqualification.
Another wrestler will appear in the ring. In the script of the fight is often prescribed interference in the match by outside personalities. Bettors can try to predict this outcome as well.

Another wrestler will interfere in the match. The difference between this type of betting and the previous one is that to enter it, the fighter must participate in the fight, not just show up in the arena.
Long-Term Wagers. Before the big tournaments, bets on championships and wrestlers’ advancement on the championship grid appear in the roster.

In the live betting line of some bookmaker’s offices there are wagering on the wrestling simulator – computer game WWE 2K20. The result of the fight is generated by artificial intelligence, so the outcome of the match does not depend on third-party factors.

Pros and Cons of Betting on WWE


Lots of scoops. If a bettor likes to take a risk by betting on the underdog, betting on WWE fights will surely suit him. The outsider can beat the favorite, the player’s job is to determine when it will be profitable for the promotion.

Variability of outcomes. In this component, WWE is ahead of even the UFC. The number of available outcomes on events in bookmakers’ offices reaches 200. Not to forget about the long-term betting spread, which includes bets on the results of the championship.


Lack of regularity of events. There are only four major tournaments on the calendar. The rest of the time the bookmakers’ line presents only NXT events, which are much harder to analyze. So betting on WWE is not suitable for earning on the distance.

High margins. Because of the low popularity of this discipline among bettors, bookmakers do not always put favorable odds. The average margin of legal betting companies on wrestling is 8-9%.

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