April 20, 2024

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Feel good with the new Acadian song “Falling In Over” – watch!

Acadian is a Austin, Texas alternative band that caters to a soft, atmospheric songwriting. Acadian release their first EP in 2014, in the last 6 years Acadian spent time perfecting his craft and that shows exponentially within their new release “Falling In Over”. The new song is accompanied by a music video fitting for the songs lyrical direction. I’m personally impressed with the standard in quality the group upped for themselves, everything about the quality and songwriting is impressive. We had the honor to ask the man behind it all with the group, Robert Marcotte about his journey with Acadian.


For me, the concept of Acadian as a music project was really born at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Jazz Fest is really a formative experience for me. As far as Southern culture goes, it’s iconic. One minute You hear a great Blues artist like Buddy Guy or Jack White, and then, not far off, you’re hearing a great rock group like the Foo Fighters. The art and craftwork, the food , and most of all the mix of truly great music give you this enigmatic feeling of comfort and excitement; like you’re off on some wild adventure, but you also feel right at home. SXSW in Austin is another huge influence for this project. The whole atmosphere is really innovative – a unique marriage of things. and one day, watching old clips of SRV, it just clicked for me that this is exactly what I want to do. I want to create that environment for people, where they feel at home and entertained and excited at the same time; whoever, and wherever they happen to be. The project really started for me about three years ago. After serving a long stretch in South Korea in the Air Force, I was on leave back home. I had been going through a period that was really isolating for me. “With a little help from my friends,” I was inspired to reconnect with my roots. And also maybe cook up a little something new. So I started writing music that made me feel like I was back home at a music festival again. This has really carried me through a lot. And now it looks like we get the opportunity to share that with others. We’re so excited. It really means everything to us to be able to share this with y’all. We really appreciate the support of our friends, fans, and everyone else we call family. Thanks again!


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