April 20, 2024

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Casketmaker release their new drum playthrough for “Blackout”

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania deathcore band Casketmaker is one of the newcomers in a  local scene that has produced many respected acts in the deathcore genre. Casketmaker has had an impressive string of song releases since their conception. Casketmaker has released 3 songs – Hanging, Backstabber, and Blackout. Casketmaker has hit the road two times since their founding in 2018. Through thick and thin the band has taken the torch from the black metal genre and collides it with the flame of deathcore to create their own unique hydrating waveforms in a oversaturated genre. Casketmaker consists of Michael Cobin on Vocals, Junior Cheatham on Gutiar, Steve Buvalla on the bass, and Jake Mingoy on drums.

The Pittsburgh deathcore group has unveiled their new drum playthrough for their latest song “Blackout” via Slam Worldwide. Jake Mingoy gets to show off his skills with this new video. Highlighting the percussion aspects of Caskemaker. 


Check out the full version of “Blackout” below

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