May 25, 2024

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Exorcised Gods unleash music video for new song “Avaricious”, set to release new album on November 19th

German deathcore band Exorcised Gods quickly gained momentum in the scene for their crushingly brutal riffs, earth shaking percussion, and vocals from the underworld. Coming to fruition in 2019 with their debut album “Sadisticated Defilement” which was produced by Keir Campbell of Bound in Fear. Exorcised Gods quickly established themselves as a newcomer to keep your ears attuned to. Exorcised Gods have just unveiled their part of their next chapter with the release of “Avaricious” and it’s well executed music video. Accompanied with the pleasing visuals that are forged well into the video the song truly shines. “Avaricious” was release via Slam Worldwide and is the second single to come from the band’s upcoming album “Banished Into Conflagration”, which is due out November 19th! The album contains fourteen tracks, and from what we can tell by the singles will be the group’s best album yet. The first single from the album “…There is only Hell” left me wanting more, and soon. The album itself will be mixed and mastered by Demigod Recordings, with artwork of the album handled by Pedro Sena – Lordigan. I’m glad I got that with this new track, and we’re only a week away from the album release for “Banished Into Conflagration”!

1. There Is No God…
2. Abandon All Hope
3. Harrowing Of Hell
4. Tempest Of Lustful Shades
5. Sick Fat Fucks (ft. Mines of Moria )
6. Avaricious
7. …There Is No Heaven…
8. Ira
9. Gottlos
10. Un/Holy Trinity
11. Land Of Deception
12. Kingdom Of Perpetual Suffering
13. …There Is Only Hell
14. Ascension
You can pre-order the album here.
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