April 22, 2024

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Las Vegas nu-metal newcomers Romantist unleash their debut song “Skin and Bones”

Rising from the ashes of and collective mind of other projects Romantist is a brand new nu-metalcore band that comes right for the throat. Forming in Las Vegas, Nevada the group has had their foot in the metal scene before. The group features Izrael Cemani Ausar (Former Shrine of Malice) on vocals and songwriting, Bear Isaac Robert (Man Made God/Aethere) on guitar, Tino Cascella (Man Made God) on bass and Niles Rodriguez on drums and songwriting as well. The four piece have just unleashed their debut song “Skin and Bones” via BeheadingTheTraitor. Showcasing an aggressive rhythmic flow accompanied by earthquake worth guitar tones. Romantist follows on the heavy side in the nu-metalcore genre with the slow and highlighting elements of the beatdown subgenre, and they do it very well. Originally forming in 2017 Romantist took a hiatus while the members focused on their other projects. Time has allowed the group to come together to kick-off Romantist. Romantist isn’t slowing down anytime soon with more material on the way!

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