May 25, 2024

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Born Of Osiris complete work on new full-length album

While the band released The Simulation at the beginning of 2019, metal band Born Of Osiris have been working on new music ever since then as well. And with not much to do considering the coronavirus decided to ruin everyone’s touring plans this year, it appears Born Of Osiris will be releasing a new album relatively soon. At least, according to guitarist Lee McKinney.

Notably, this news also comes alongside a new Lee McKinney solo album, of which the masters have also been sent in alongside new BoO. A release date for either one isn’t available (and likely won’t be for a while), but for anyone who’s a fan of the band, you should be excited. Could the band’s new record be as groundbreaking as The Discovery was in 2011, though? Only time will tell.

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