October 23, 2021

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Letters to Part impress with new single “Ascian”

The first release from a band is its most critical – making a strong first impression on new listeners is paramount to their success. Letters to Part looks to do just this with their second single, “Ascian,” off their upcoming EP Mad’ouk set to release later this year.

One listen to this track and I can sense some serious Circa Survive/Secret & Whisper inspirations. Echo-y guitars and solemn vocals/lyricism encapsulate the angst in a format that welcomes listeners’ frustrations. Layered guitars and competent bass/drumwork shows that Letters to Part means business and has a lot to offer.

Lyrically, this is a really striking release to anyone who has felt numb, stuck, or broken. Delivered upfront, it’s quite chilling to hear this serious of an issue addressed so tongue-in-cheek. I hope to see more troubling topics explored on the Mad’ouk EP when it releases in 2020.

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