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Behind The Band: He, The Creator



Back in October 2011 I did a show with Adaliah (Mediaskare/Rite Of Passage Records). I went searching for a band who I thought would fit and intrigued me. Searching for a band went on a few days and I finally stumbled across Horizon Shore. Immediately I was impressed with their unique style and talents at such a young age. When this show took place they were still in High School.


So the day of the show came around and I headed down to Neptune’s in Tarpon Springs, FL. Its a good location for a venue, but the owner is sketchy and tries to screw a lot of bands out of money (many people state this). HS started setting up, I have never seen them live before so I didn’t know what to think. As soon as Mark Wolf (Guitars/ Vocals) started strumming the first chord I was locked in. Michael Mancini  opened his mouth and I did not expect to hear such graceful yet meaningful vocals from him, never judge a book by its cover. It has been awhile for me at that time that I saw such potential in a younger group of musicians. By the end of the set I was blown away and Horizon Shore had new fan.


A little bit later or so the band changed their name to He, The Creator. Mark Wolf Had this to say about the name change, “We changed our name to He, The Creator in January 2012. HTC  basically means what it says. We are not a Christian band necessarily, more like positive ways of sharing what we have to say. Our music reflects our beliefs and thoughts about current life. Take ‘Pterodactyl Bones’ and ‘I Hope You Understand’ for example. Both songs about the end of days from our point of view”. Along with the name change they added a new drummer (Tyler Wolowicz). A little while later I had the chance to see them under the new name and with their new drummer in late 2012 at Insomniacs Bar with Arm The World and more. If you have never been to Insomniacs in New Port Richey, FL, you are missing out. The owner Dave is one of the most nicest and supporting people I have seen in this scene. He bends over backwards to help locals and national bands a like. Dave is truly a solid dude.


As they started to play with the new lineup I didn’t know what to expect right away. It was the same songs from Horizon Shore (with a twist), but I was scared it would have declined. After hearing “Pterodactyl Bones” I was automatically reassured that this band has grown and was only pushing forward. I snapped a few pictures and was getting into the set. After it was all said and done, I was extremely happy to come out to this show. I love watching bands grow and seeing their full potential succeed.


A few months later they added Travis Van Bumble on pianos and cleans. This was a interesting addition for this band. I was curious to see how Travis would accent the band in a live atmosphere. On March 8th 2013 I was able to see this when they opened for Hardcore legends Evergreen Terrace at The Brass Mug in Tampa, FL.  I was nervous, as I was before with lineup changes. Once again I was truly blown away. The pianos definitely added a lot of definition and clarity to their music.


HTC is set to release a new version/ re record of “The Afterlife” EP soon. I am personally excited about this. Also Mikey and Mark run a company called Wrecked. They do in house screen printing and high quality videos for bands at barely no cost. Just another example of our scene getting stronger here in FL and surrounding areas.

Oh, and Carl Wolf (Bass) is awesome **Inside joke**.


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