Review: Vessels – “Black Teeth”





“Black Teeth”


Hotfoot Records

Release Date: 2/12/13


Vessels is a 5 piece hardcore band rocking out of Albany, New York.They are currently signed to the extremely underrated hardcore label Hotfoot Records and they are further proof why this label rocks.

Black Teeth starts off hard as hell with the opening track Capitol City. It does not let up until the very end of the 7th track Atlas. If the album is as intense as this is, I can only imagine their life sets!! The drumming actually makes it feel like you are being punched in the face every time he beats down. I can’t get over the intensity of this record! It is the definition of hardcore; It brings the power and aggression like the best of the genre.

If you are a fan of the genre and is looking for some new bands to check out, Vessels NEEDS to be in your collection or at the very least, on your radar. I cannot give you a bad track on this EP because in my opinion, they bring it perfectly on every track. Stop reading and order this album already!

Rocks Like: The Bled, Hundredth, Rotting Out

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