February 28, 2024

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TNF Premiere: Lo Blow – “Undefeated”

Getting excited about a brand new band or musician in 2019 is, in and of itself, a somewhat tough task. When you’re given a seemingly endless list of music to listen to day in and day out, it can get exhausting – but luckily, new Revival Recordings signing Lo Blow don’t have to worry about that.

We’re excited to bring you the band’s debut song today in the form of “Undefeated”. The band has a style that might remind you of Citizen or maybe even Balance and Composure, but the brand new band (seriously, it’s their debut song) may well be onto something good. Considering the label has been adept at plucking talent lately (Convey, Veridian), it would probably behoove you to spin this one a few times if you’re into electric alt-rock. “Undefeated” wins our seal of approval.

Lo Blow had this to say about the new song and signing to Revival Recordings:

“LO BLOW is very excited to announce our signing with Revival Recordings, a label made up of good people, doing great things. We couldn’t be more happy to join this family as we look forward to continuing to grow and expand. “Undefeated” is our first single. It rallies behind the ideas of oneness and searching for the truth. The song was inspired by the benefits of an alkaline diet in regards to our health and an overall acceptance of the human condition/ challenges we face with a strong dose of optimism.”

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