February 28, 2024

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Tampa alt-rockers Nevertel shoot for the stars on catchy new single, “All Good” (TNF Premiere)

If you’re like us and you love when genres of music blend together effortlessly, you’ve certainly come to the right place today. We’re stoked to be bringing you “All Good”, the impressive new single from Florida’s Nevertel. For the uninitiated, the young band deftly blends together modern alt-rock/post-hardcore vibes (Hands Like Houses is a noted influence) and hip-hop/pop influences (think Issues) for an interesting mixture of styles.

In their short few years together, Nevertel has already played shows with the likes of Convictions and Eyes Set To Kill, as well as playing many a headliner of their own in Central Florida. Given that the band members originally played in metalcore bands, their level of instrumentation is a bit more dialed back now – yet still effective. In short, you should dig this quite a bit. We sure do.

Vocalist Jeremy Michael had this to say about “All Good”:

We’re so happy to share our band new track with you, “All Good”. We worked so hard on writing, producing, and mixing this baby. The song is about a feeling cheated, and goes into the frustration and anger we sometimes feel when these moments happen. We really wanted the song to make the listener feel like they were saying the things we were singing about when they sang the lyrics, which is why everything is in first person. I feel like people, including myself, connect to songs in a deeper way when they can do this. This song will hopefully set Nevertel apart from other rap/rock artists in the future, and we look forward to exploring this take on the genre in interesting a creative was with our releases to follow. – Jeremy Michael

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