The Maine’s self-titled ninth album is out now, and it’s more than worth a listen

A band called The Maine have released their self-titled, ninth studio album The Maine.

Since 2008, the indie/emo band has consistently remained a pillar of the scene. No break-ups, no drama, no problematic behavior. It seems like a complete rarity these days, making this band even more special as we watch them evolve through emo and indie sounds.



It is honestly surprising to think that they only just now released a self-titled record but it makes sense, with primary writer of the band vocalist John O’Callaghan becoming a dad. The Maine’s new record is just what a self-titled should be. It’s mature, it’s grown, it’s well-rounded, and it appeals to no one. It’s so un-specific that on the first listen, “how to exit a room”, “dose no.2” and “blame” seem to be the only heavy hitters, leaving the rest a bit unremarkable. After a few rounds and scrolling through John’s social media posts, you really start to understand the emotion and motivation behind it.



In being non-specific, The Maine made an album for everyone, going through everything and anything. Single “dose no.2” features the band letting loose with goofy dance moves in a way that only adults can, another trait of The Maine. Anyone, no matter where they are in life currently, can pick up this record and find a line that breaks their heart.  That is such a unique trait of this band, they do these incredible things in a way that feels so natural, like they wrote every song with you in mind. That’s the special talent of The Maine.

Check them out on their upcoming tour, celebrating ALL the eras of The Maine.


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