‘Talk To Me’ delivers a unique horror plot that has it all

 *no spoilers*

One of my favorite things in the world is when a horror film has a totally unique concept. Talk To Me delivers on that.

The grotesque, grey embalmed hand of a dead psychic provides a glimpse into the spirit realm and these teens quickly discover the dire consequences. For the entirety of the movie, I was aching for more about the backstory of the hand but I have a feeling A24 will be keeping that for the sequel, leaving something more to be desired. I went into this one relatively plot blind, the way I prefer most of my film experiences. Right off the bat, the teenager of it all wasn’t my favorite but I suspect that has to do with my own age and not theirs.

Through the movie the teens (specifically character Hayley played by Zoe Terakes) possess some BALLS in coming face to face with experiencing horrifying supernatural experiences, way more than I. My teenager ass would revert back to diapers. This was a part of the plot that interfered with my suspension of belief, but maybe it’s because I wasn’t much of a supernatural, thrill-seeking kid. YouTube sensations, turned filmmakers, RackaRacka (Danny and Michael Philippou) insert comedic breaks with topical ideas and phrases to really place the viewer in modern times. After reading about the brothers background, A24 seems like the perfect fit to pick up this script and turn it into a worldwide experience.
“We felt like every single of our YouTube videos was building up to us making a film so it just felt like we were ready,” Danny said.
Joe Bird’s gory performance alongside Sophie Wilde was phenomenal, I can only imagine what the behind the scenes was like between those *smashing* takes. The FX of these gore scenes are impressive and jarring, since they come through when you least expect it. There are a few other plot holes (how did they know that kid was at the bus stop?!) but none that are detrimental to the overall plot.
I did love having a personal connection to the plot, as I have also lost my mother and would probably fall victim to this same situation so I was a sympathetic watcher, regardless of the bouts of stupidity. Bonus points: it’s a quick 1:45 hour long movie!
8/10 for a sick idea.

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