The Influence of Music on Online Pokies

Are you a player who enjoys spinning the reels of pokie machines with the volume up? Or are you after a more calming and not distracting gambling experience and prefer to play in silence? No matter which category you belong to, one thing that is undeniable is that the background music you hear in online pokies can have unimaginable power.
Even though sound effects and background music accompanying online pokies are commonly believed to serve only entertainment purposes, their influence hides even deeper, penetrating players’ subconscious. It has the potential to shape our mood, change our emotions, and even determine the pace of the overall gaming experience.
This article will uncover the most common ways music changes the online gaming sphere. So the next time you visit a land-based casino or play online pokies, you can walk in with a clear mind and not let background music tone influence your gaming decisions.

How Music Can Change Your Gambling Experience – Key Impacts

The main reason why people choose to play online pokies is the thrilling experience enhanced with flashing lights, modern animations, and triggering sound effects. However, in most cases, music and audio are often overlooked as a determining element of a great gaming experience.

In reality, good and well-chosen sound effects can solve a lot of difficulties most online casinos often face and can influence gamblers’ choices. Here is how!

1) A Big Impact on Players’ Decision Making and Psychology

Even though it is commonly believed that sound effects and background music accompanying online pokies serve only entertainment purposes, their influence hides even deeper, penetrating players’ subconscious.

The 2014 study of Rune Mentzoni from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in this field has already proved that music significantly impacts our decision-making when it comes to online gambling.

What’s more, North and Hargreaves, in their 2008 research, have discovered that certain chords, tone sequences, or music types can awaken specific emotions and feelings. The best example can be the C chord, which has the power to make us feel delighted and happy. That’s the reason why you can often hear this key in popular pokies: if you feel cheerful and joyful, you will continue playing.

The same goes for individual tones. For instance, the sounds like the whistles of sirens, the clattering of coins, or the sounds of reels are typically connected with the feeling of winning among gamers. And this is exactly why these sounds are continuously heard in games of all kinds.

2) Forming Gambling Habits

Traditional audiovisuals and sound effects have been used in the gambling industry for many years. Over the decades, gamers who like to engage in online pokies have developed a special bond with their favorite titles, and they are way too familiar with all the background music and sounds present in them.

But how do all these influence the gaming community? Well, actually, music has the potential to form or provoke gaming habits. The 2010 study by Jenny Spenwyn, Douglas Barrett, and Mark D. Griffiths, “The Role of Light and Music in Gambling Behaviour,” has already proved it.
One example is that gambling platforms use popular casino sound effects and music in their marketing campaigns and ads. So, if someone stops gambling for a while and sees the advertisement, they can be reminded about the casino games they used to play and have the urge to start playing again.
3) Keeping Players on the Site

Сasino sites try all the means to make players stay on their platforms as long as possible. This has resulted in incorporating captivating and slow-paced music that can keep users relaxed and comfortable.

According to a 1997 study by the team at Cornell University, music elicits certain patterns of physiological change in the human body. Slow music can be moody and inviting, triggering you to stay on the site longer, explore other games, and spend your spare time gambling. Even if you end up losing, the sound effects will make the loss seem less painful so that you will continue playing.

Top 3 Pokie Games with Popular Music

Popular and well-known songs and music compositions also have the power to trigger the player’s emotions and brain. That’s why pokie machines that feature famous and well-recognized music are always in demand.

Here, let’s throw a look at the best examples.
Jimi Hendrix – This well-known creation of the renowned NetEnt software developer features one of the most popular and beloved music themes. Once you start playing, you will be welcomed with Jimi’s top hits like Purple Haze and Little Wing.
Wild Wild Vegas – Developed by Booming Games, Wild Wild Vegas comes with a theme of classic Las Vegas and covers a diversity of songs from well-known casino films. You can enjoy hits from artists like Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Dean Martin, and Sinatra while spinning the reels.
Rock ‘N’ Roller – This pokie is developed by Playtech and inspired by music giants Little Richard and Elvis Presley. When you hit the Spin button, you will immediately recognize the tunes of Tutti-Frutti and Jailhouse Rock.
Incorporated with great music, these titles offer an exciting experience and keep your pulse racing as you enjoy your gameplay.

Final Words

As you can see, music has a much deeper influence on the iGaming market, especially in the online pokie industry.
It is a powerful weapon most casino owners use to attract more customers, keep them on their sites, and make them loyal players by impacting their gambling behaviors. A well-thought and triggering background music is crucial in online and land-based casinos. They can easily create a good mood, appeal to various players and tastes, decrease the disappointment of losses, and encourage people to play more.

Overall, online pokies tend to have music elements that increase the adrenaline rush and awaken some thrilling emotions to make you interested in the gameplay. That’s why being aware of the key impacts music has on your gambling experience is necessary if you want to enter the gaming world with a clear mind and stable emotions.

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