April 20, 2024

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Deftones are teaming up with producer Nick Raskulinecz for their upcoming record, new music due out in 2024

Good news, everyone! Deftones will be releasing new music in 2024, and their next album will bring back producer Nick Raskulinecz back into the fold, who produced both Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan for the band. This is according to “Hole In The (Flat) Earth” (probably) guitarist Stephen Carpenter,

Helpfully transcribed by Blabbermouth.net, Carpenter had this to say about new Deftones music (which you can also watch in video format below) on an episode of the Gnostic Academy podcast (insert Flat Earth joke or pun here):

“Just in the last couple of months, really — two or three months; well, maybe a little longer now, really; February is when we started — we’re starting to work on new material for a new record. It’s going good now. It was a little slow at first, but it always is; dragging our feet ain’t nothing new. But we’ve got stuff up and going now, and we’re on a good little momentum at the moment. And we hope to have it all done and out by next spring [or] summer. There’s nothing official — no official date yet — but that’s our goal.”

This timeline would keep, generally, with their 4-year cycle in between albums that’s happened between Koi No Yokan (2012), Gore (2016), and Ohms (2020). Deftones will also be playing another edition of their Dia De Los Deftones festival later this year, where the likes of Knocked Loose will be joining them. Hell YES, honestly.

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