May 18, 2024

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The Ghost Inside’s Tragedy Is Bringing The Music Community Together


It’s not likely you haven’t heard the tragedy that befell The Ghost Inside earlier this week. The band suffered an untold amount of injuries and damages, the degree of which still isn’t totally known yet. There were fatalities in the crash – their bus driver leaves behind a wife and kids. The situation overall is heartbreaking as The Ghost Inside is known as a hard-working, solid touring band that’s seemingly always on the road.

But often out of tragic events comes hope, and in this case, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud of the music community for coming through in such an awesome way. Bands as diverse as Bring Me The Horizon, This Wild Life, Architects, and even Jeffree Star have donated to the fund, which was set up by Brian Storm less than 48 hours ago. The amount raised so far? An incredible $106,000 and counting. Support for the band and crew, and the lives lost, is astounding considering that most bands of the genre aren’t extensively covered in the mainstream media.

Please considering donating here. Brian Storm has been a big help to get this off the ground, and you can find a recent statement concerning what he said, below. Powerful stuff. I hope you’re like me, Brian, and all the people involved here – believe in the power of music, and of a community to come together in support of people who have lost so much.

We did it you guys. We raised $100,000 for The Ghost Inside and their crew. I set this up hoping to raise maybe 5 thousand dollars… knowing that we needed to do SO MUCH MORE.

Then… BRING ME THE HORIZON made a monumental donation of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS to their fellow band. ARCHITECTS threw in a giant $1,000 donation. Shortly after, Jeffree Star contributed a whopping $5,000. After that, the flood gates opened with fans and COUNTLESS bands contributing to a band that is in dire need of financial suppprt.

iwrestledabearonce recently had ALL of their gear stolen and they still donated very generously. These are the kind of leaders we have in this scene.

I’m proud of this scene because we are relatively small and we raised more money for just about any charitable cause that I have seen funded by people and not corporations.

Please don’t ever forget what we’ve done together. This is what our metal family is all about.

It can’t be understated how high the bills are going to be for the victims, the band, and crew. I am leaving this fund open so people can continue to support. This money will go to very good use. This is a worthy cause and I am thankful for your support for this band and my friend.

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