FEST: Sunday

FEST: Sunday
Gainesville, FL

The third and final day of FEST was Sunday, November 1st. Even though it was the last day of bands, food, and friends, it was still just as much fun as the past two days (or four, if you’re counting Pre Fest!) were. Read on after the jump to see how it was.


Alright, a three piece band from Charlotte, North Carolina, played the super small stage at the Palamino Pool Room. Opening with “Mixed Signals”, their catchy track off of S/T, the crowd was sparse but grew as their performance went on. The shared vocals of Sarah and Josh and an indie pop punk sound create catchy songs that you can check out right HERE.


Taking the stage after Alright, Looming played to a larger audience with people screaming along to the lyrics and climbing to the front of the crowd. Fronted by Jessica Knight, Looming has a full sound and haunting vocals that are sure to give you the chills in the best way possible.

Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock took the stage at Lot 10. “You, In Weird Cities” started the set off right and the level of crowd participation as well as the friendly stage banter made for a fun show. Aside from the fact that Jeff Rosenstock puts on a high energy show to begin with, he threw in a cover of BYOB towards the end of the set that had the Lot 10 crowd going crazy. If you didn’t watch them, you missed out.



PUP took the stage next, telling everyone that “there’s nothing like sweating out a hangover in Gainesville’s heat” which is a pretty accurate description of what FEST is like. PUP have a great sense of humor and stopped in between songs to joke around with the crowd, especially about how they had more time allowed to them than music to play. Jeff Rosenstock joined them onstage (and in the crowd) for a cover of “Sabotage”.


Free Throw

Playing at The High Dive, this Nashville based band drew a large crowd that loved stage diving and singing along.  From the first note of “Such Luck” until the set was over there wasn’t a moment that the at capacity venue wasn’t losing their minds. It was great being able to see a band from home getting so much love and attention so far away. You can listen to their music RIGHT HERE.

Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball took the stage for the second time (they played a cover set of The Killers the day before) on Sunday night. 2015 marks their third year playing at FEST. Their set was full of jokes about Spraynard (whose drummer played for them during “Your Graduation”) crowd surfing, stage banter, and catchy music. It’s been a tough year for Modern Baseball but its good to see them end the year on a high note with FEST (and their tour surrounding it).

Gouge Away

The Atlantic is one of the smallest venues at FEST, and it’s where the hardcore / power violence band Gouge Away played. The crowd was, quite simply, out of control. They received such a positive reaction from everyone in the room, and their message was heard loud and clear. Please take some time out of your day and listen to them here.


Andrew W.K

Watching Andrew W.K perform live is definitely an experience that you should have taken advantage of at FEST. Closing Lot 10 on the final night with a full band, it was like one big party. In between throwing gifts into the crowd and talking to the audience, the set list was stacked with songs that had everyone in the crowd singing along and dancing with their friends. There definitely isn’t a more appropriate musician to express the true meaning of FEST, which is partying with as many people as you can to the best bands in the world. I can’t think of a better way to have ended FEST.

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