March 4, 2024

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Watch The Black Dahlia Murder play their first show with vocalist Brian Eschbach

The Black Dahlia Murder played a 15-song set list in Detroit, Michigan on October 28th, an event honoring the legacy of Trevor Strnad.  This show marks the metal band’s first with founding member Brian Eschbach on vocals, a month and a half after announcing they would continue. Rhythm guitarist Ryan Knight filled in Eschbach’s former role in The Black Dahlia Murder.

The inaugural show for the new lineup of The Black Dahlia Murder consisted of a mix of songs from their catalog, including three from their final album with Trevor Strnad, Verminous. The set list included:

“A Shrine to Madness” (Ritual)
“Verminous” (Verminous)
“Nightbringers” (Nightbringers)
“Miasma” (Miasma)
“Kings of the Nightworld” (Nightbringers)
“Sunless Empire” (Verminous)
“Statutory Ape” (Miasma)
“On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood” (Ritual)
“Child of Night” (Verminous)
“Everything Went Black” (Nocturnal)
“Unhallowed” (Unhallowed)
“Funeral Thirst” (Unhallowed)
“What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse” (Nocturnal)
“I Will Return” (Deflorate)
“Deathmask Divine” (Nocturnal)

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