March 1, 2024

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The Best YouTube Channels For Those With A Green Thumb

It all started in 2005 when a new video platform emerged that would soon take over the internet. People realized they could show the world their passions and educate them on any subject they wanted. So began the rise of weed YouTubers who wanted to share their love of the plant. You can even shop at sunnyside botanicals if you’d like to buy more.

When YouTube launched, marijuana was far more controversial than it is now. Luckily, we’ve come a long way with legalization and recognizing its medicinal use. Thanks to the advances in cannabis laws today, more vloggers can freely share videos about the herb, especially twisted extracts canada.

What impact have influencers had on the cannabis industry? Has YouTube become the go-to place for sellers and enthusiasts to share their love of hemp? Cannabis vloggers give tips on their channels and often recommend where to get the best Cheese strain seeds and more.

Which channels are the best ones to follow? What sets them apart from the others? Let’s find out.

Influencers and enthusiasts: The best of the best

We’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole that is YouTube. Hours fly by, and all you have to show for it is a new appreciation for screaming goats and metal roosters.

What are the best weed YouTube channels?

Ruffhouse Studios

Ruffhouse Studios are one of the biggest channels dedicated solely to cannabis on YouTube.

With an exciting mix of comedy, hints, and tips right through to recipes for edibles and the health benefits of CBD, it’s a one-stop shop that caters to all. Enjoy a well-rounded channel with exciting content that’s updated regularly.

That High Couple

When Clarke and Alice Campbell started their YouTube channels in 2016, little did they know how popular they would become.

They may not have the largest audience of all YouTubers who smoke weed, but this fun and inviting couple brings something new and fresh to the influencer space.

They love nothing more than to try out anything and everything cannabis related. Want to know what happens if you smoke weed for 24 solid hours? Fancy a guided tour of a weed museum? These are your people.


Hayley boasts a whopping 846,000 followers and covers many topics.

Her simple yet effective style of vlogging technique inspired many stoner Youtubers. Her collaborations are fun to watch, as is her honest approach towards her love of all things hemp related.

Mr. Canucks Grow

Matt, the founder of this channel, describes himself as an organic grower keen to share his knowledge with the world.

The Canadian has over 887,000 subscribers, making him well-known among weed YouTubers.

New uploads weekly showing how he grows his organic, medical grade marijuana are the most popular. He even cultivates some unusual strains, which he likely got from the best place to buy weed seeds. Follow him to find out more!

Munchies by Vice News

Part of the Vice channel family, with a staggering 4.78 Million subscribers, Munchies is the place to be for all things edible.

Their playlist, “Bong Appetit,” takes viewers on a worldwide journey. Videos include highlights such as stuffing a chicken with cannabis to cooking a Shabbat dinner laced with CBD.

Unique creations set this cooking channel apart from others. In addition to dishes that use varying amounts of cannabis, there’s a dish for most. They even cater to those with not much time with some 5-minute recipes.

It’s guaranteed to make you want to jump through the screen and eat it all!


Yes, THE Snoop Dogg. Not only is he a global superstar and all-around legend, but he also hosts #PuffPuffPassTuesdays on his channel.

Snoop doing his thing with his friends makes for excellent content. Who doesn’t want to sit back and have a toke with the Dogg himself?

He likes to promote a positive relationship with cannabis and show his funny side.

Merry Jane

Merry Jane is an incredibly unique channel. They want to change the perception of people and influencers who smoke pot. They promote cannabis consumption as a culture to try and teach the next generation to respect the plant and all it offers.

The channel creators describe it as ‘sophisticated,’ trying to shed the stereotypical image of a stoner.

Music, fashion, education, and even CBD for your pets are at the heart of Merry Jane, bringing together several subcultures. Their goal is to create a new normal featuring cannabis at its core.

Archive Seed

One of the oldest channels of its genre, this one aims to educate, empower, and provide insider information. Since 2010, these influencers have been teaching viewers everything there is to know about cultivating hemp.

You’ll find an eclectic mix of podcasts, tutorials, and vlogs, all on a single channel. It’s easy to see why they’ve survived this cutthroat industry of being influencers.

Jorge Cervantes

No list is complete without the living legend Jorge. He’s a pioneer as he worked in the cannabis industry long before it was legal in most places.

Well-respected, Jorge mainly shows how to create larger grows by visiting them. He also hosts instructional videos, which are priceless in the world of cannabis.

All hail Jorge!

A channel for one and all

Hopefully, this list has given you food for thought when looking for your next favorite cannabis YouTubers.

The unique thing about platforms like YouTube is influencers’ enthusiasm and creativity. The channels listed above have survived the test of time but managed to keep growing their communities.

The YouTube cannabis community is filled with like-minded people who want to show you their love of all things hemp.

Whichever channel tickles your pickle, rest assured it exists. If it doesn’t, why not become the next best weed YouTuber yourself?

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