November 29, 2023

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What you Should Know About CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD is a big deal these days. And it is not only humans who seem to be making the news about topics centered around the use of cannabis-infused products. Dogs too are topping the list of online articles about how CBD oils could be of benefit. And if you have been thinking if your dog too can enjoy the mix of cannabidiol in their diet, you want to settle in and find out what you should know about CBD oils for dogs.

What’s the Fuss About CBD Oil?

There was a time where many people weren’t drawn to cannabis as it was thought of as something that could be harmful to their health. So why now are there many people advocating the use of CBD oil? The answer is simple. Years of intense research have led to the discovery of how cannabidiol which is one of the extracts obtained from the cannabis plant could be useful for health and wellness.

And as the years go by, you can be sure that more details will emerge on how the cannabis plant extract could benefit both humans and animals. Cannabis used to be something that was thought to make you high and could land you in trouble if you get caught with a joint. But today, you can find even health experts recommending it for many human and pet ailments. And if you haven’t tried it yet, you surely want to experiment to find out just what is special about it.

The Truth About CBD

There is nothing dangerous about CBD oil as it doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC which is the culprit in marijuana that makes you lose motor coordination and give you the trips. With the extraction of nearly all the THC compounds leaving just less than 0.3% which surely won’t affect your ability to focus or even work, what’s left is a treat that will do more for your body than many over-the-counter medications.

Another thing is that the body of both man and dog has an endocannabinoid system which makes it easy to process the cannabidiol compounds when it gets into the brain and nerve center. This acts like a top-up that ensures the natural functions of the endocannabinoid system remain steady. When it comes to using CBD oil for dogs, there isn’t much to worry about as canines and humans both have a lot in common when it comes to the internal system. And if it won’t be harmful to humans, it certainly won’t cause harm to dogs.

But just don’t take my words for it, you should try some of the best CBD oils for dogs and see how it affects your pet. Or better yet, you could buy one for yourself and share a few drops with your animal companion. Yes, you can use CBD for humans on dogs, so long you get the right type.

How CBD Oils Can Help Dogs?

When it comes to how cannabis can assist with dog health, there is research available to back the many claims making the rounds online. And you can as well find medical journals and websites all citing studies that have been carried out by experts with their findings published for the public to read. Not in the mood for reading through a host of medical papers? You will find some of the benefits of CBD oils for dogs below.

Pain and Inflammation

Having a dog that is down with an injury or dealing with an ailment that leaves them in pain can be a lot to deal with for the animal lover. And you can find CBD oil to help pets manage pain and inflammation. A few drops of the oil in your dog’s mouth can help with joint pain, recovering from surgery, arthritis, and any form of mobility issue.

If you worry about the negative effects of pain meds such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and opioids on your pet, CBD oil surely will be a better and safer alternative. You can check this weblink for tips on managing pain in dogs.

Help with Anxiety

Anxiety is also a problem to deal with in dogs as they surely will be difficult to handle when they get anxious. Dogs can get stressed out when they get separated from their parents or owners. They will also be moody when they lose their cubs. And while you surely can speak their language to help console them, you can help ease them out of the situation.

This is where cannabis-infused products could be of great use, a few drops of the oil or even a cannabis-infused treat for pets could help with the barking and aggressive behavior they exhibit when dealing with stress and anxiety.

Relieve Digestive Issues

You will also find the use of CBD oil for dogs to help with treating indigestion and gastrointestinal problems that affect canines. There are many reasons why your pet may be having a bad day in their gut. The wrong diet, picking things from the floor or a health condition are some of the reasons.

While a visit to the vet will help to ensure that it is not something serious, a few drops of CBD oil can help ease the situation. And in no time you will find them running about the place and wagging their tail at the sight of a familiar face. You can find more here on how to resolve digestive issues in dogs.

Bottom Line

You want to research the best options for CBD oil for dogs if you want your pet to get the best treatment. It could be as easy as checking with a vet who will recommend one for your dog. You could also check the web for what other pet owners are saying about the best products. Do well to also note the dosage and the side effects to look out for when using the medication.

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