February 27, 2024

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Progressive metalcore band The Ansible premieres new video for “From Here, We Fade”

Progressive metalcore band The Ansible have flown under the radar for far too long. The band’s 2019 album, Forever, really should have been the band’s breakout moment. It was their most fully fleshed out album to date at the time, and then COVID-19 came about, wrecking a lot of their plans.

However, The Ansible weren’t going to take the world grinding to a halt without a fight. Their new EP, Existing To Repeat: An Extended Play Of The Isolated Mindset, drops today – and we’re stoked to bring you the band’s new video for “From Here, We Fade” as well. It’s more quality progressive metalcore from a band that’s been around longer than you think, and these five new tracks are some of the best work the band has done yet. Put The Ansible on your radar and you will not be disappointed – especially if you appreciate technically gifted musicianship.

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