What does a Slipknot song sound like in 2021? Find out with “The Chapeltown Rag”

What does a Slipknot song sound like in 2021? You’re probably asking yourself the same question. Moreover, what do they even have left to prove? With millions upon millions of albums sold over the years and headlining their own touring festival, the answer is simple: not much.

That being said, there will always be a subsect of fans who will wonder if Slipknot will ever be quite as heavy as their earlier material was. Keeping in mind they’ve been a band for over two decades now, thinking they’ll just remake Iowa or something like that is likely a foolish proposition. That being said, the band’s newest song, “The Chapeltown Rag”, does contain enough double bass and aggression to keep everyone happy. I mean, it’s not like they’re just remaking “Snuff” for the second time or anything like that. Feel free to drop your verdict on the new track below.

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