March 2, 2024

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Spiritbox drops the six shows they were set to perform in support of Falling In Reverse this summer

Just a few days after announcing they’d be supporting Falling In Reverse’s biggest headlining tour to date, Spiritbox have utilized their Uno Reverse card by reneging on said tour, which also involves Underoath, Crown The Empire, Slaughter To Prevail, Ice Nine Kills, and Catch Your Breath on certain dates. Considering who the frontman of the headlining band is, it probably won’t surprise you why it’s likely Spiritbox dropped the tour.

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke, who already has entire Wikipedia entries about his long line of arrests, assaults (micstands.jpg), and allegations (he’s a real Triple-A threat!), has spent even more time than usual creating drama on social media (usually Twitter). Combine that with the ignorant comments he made last year and all the other social media drama he’s involved with on a daily basis, and you have many reasons why musicians in the industry are speaking out against people like Radke. Over the last few weeks and especially days, he’s taken that to a new level, despite reaching unprecedented success with Falling In Reverse’s new music. It’s pretty amusing (and mostly, not in a good way, but a cringeworthy one) that Radke still complains about being “canceled”.

Anyway, Ronnie Radke has entered a very heated Internet confrontation with Monuments // Makari // Termina // WVNDER vocalist Andy Cizek, who’s been outspoken about calling out other controversial musicians and even predators in the industry. Long story short, they’ve been going at it for various reasons over the last few days, with Radke actually calling Cizek a “predator” and threatening to break Cizek’s jaw. Again, Radke’s words, which you can all find on Twitter.

Spiritbox, who endured major backlash from their fanbase for not wanting Spiritbox to tour with such a controversial musician, made their feelings known right at the jump. And while Spiritbox haven’t revealed why they departed the tour (likely costing them quite a bit of money), it’s not a small step to think that it’s because Radke’s comments and past documented actions are generating too much backlash for the band to justify even the lucrative payday they’d have received on those 6 dates. The only question is, what other bands (especially Underoath) on the tour will drop off next? Especially if Radke’s latest controversy keeps spinning. You’d think a nearly 40 year old man would do more with his platform than argue with critics on Twitter and threaten violence against another prominent musician, but apparently not.

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