Falling In Reverse are the latest band to rail against “cancel culture” on new single, “Zombified”

Falling In Reverse are hopping on the highly original and not at all cliched bandwagon of railing against “cancel culture”, on their newest single “Zombified”.

Of course, the band isn’t the only one to do this lately – Falling In Reverse is joining such luminaries as Kid Rock and Skillet, who have also voiced their opinions about being “canceled”. Perhaps a tour featuring all three bands is on the horizon?

Vocalist Ronnie Radke is known for both having the words “mic stand” attached to him on search engines (the band mocked the incident in the video, too – despite the incident being called “reckless” at the time) as well as being legendarily swiped by rapper Vince Staples on Twitter, so there’s that. And there’s a bit of irony in yelling that people want to “cancel” you while releasing a song on a huge label like Epitaph Records, while also saying that it’s apparently “hard to be any type of celebrity nowadays”. The song will of course be a big hit on the charts, considering the official video has racked up a million Youtube views in just four days. Anyway – listen below if this is your thing.

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