May 22, 2024

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Sound Awake: Nickelback are apparently huge fans of Australian progressive icons Karnivool

Famously known as Canada’s answer to Creed, Nickelback have accomplished more than most bands ever do. Multiple Gold and Platinum records, millions upon millions of albums sold, and even some of the Internet’s most hilarious memes (look at this GRAPHHHHHHH being the main one) is a legacy to be proud of. That being said, most of their material definitely falls in the post-grunge category, and it’s always been somewhat of a running joke for people to claim they’re the most-disliked rock band out there.

Oddly enough, though, their 2017 album Feed The Machine (they’re working on a follow-up right now) made their status as the most-despised rock band a tenuous position to be in. A genuinely solid record that showed the band leaning more on the heavier (a relative term, but you get it) side of things, songs like the title track might blow the average listener away. After all, Nickelback are good when they abandon the ballads and stack the riffs instead. Not that anyone can really fault the band for writing power ballads that sell, but you’ll be surprised to hear one of Nickelback’s favorite bands. The answer will absolutely shock you. Just kidding, it says in the title.

Long story short, Nickelback posted a photo (presumably recent, but likely pre-pandemic) of the band where they wished fans a happy holiday season. In the photo, you can quite clearly see a member of the band wearing a Karnivool t-shirt, which is pretty awesome. Considering the more progressive nature (again, this is a stretch, but not completely off-base) of Nickelback’s last album, it’s not a surprise that they’d enjoy Karnivool (consequently, the Australian progressive icons just put out their first new song in many, many years). We’re here for the inevitable Karnivool and Nickelback tour, tbh.

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