Show Review : Shinedown – Resch Expo (04.08.2022)

Shinedown / The Pretty Reckless / Diamante

Resch Expo

Green Bay, WI

April 8th, 2022

By Mariah Berg


On the 8th of April, it was a snowy Friday night in Green Bay, WI when the Revolution’s Live Tour came to town. Wisconsin may be chilly but Shinedown, The Pretty Reckless and Diamante all brought the heat. The Resch complex is a beautiful arena that was packed nearly full for these killer bands.

It didn’t take long after doors opening for fans to be anxious for the show to start. Diamante opened the show with a bang. Instantly working the catwalk, interacting with fans and singing her heart out. Diamante opened her set with her song “Ghost Myself” which is off of her newest album American Dream. American Dream is a fantastic album that features many great songs that Diamante performed for Green Bay fans. Diamante lit up the entire arena that night. Fans held their flashlights up high, it was a beautiful sight to see. Diamante did a great job getting the fans pumped for the rest of the bands on this tour.

Next to take the stage, a band that everyone knows, The Pretty Reckless. As soon as Taylor Momsen came on stage, the crowd roared. The Pretty Reckless performed many hit songs like “Make Me Wanna Die”, “Heaven Knows”, “Take Me Down” and more. The Pretty Reckless also performed songs such as “Death By Rock and Roll” and “Only Love Can Save Me Now” off their newest album Death By Rock and Roll. Taylor Momsen noted that the band hasn’t toured in nearly 4 years so they all had all the energy in the world on stage.

It was very apparent they were all happy to be back doing what they love. Taylor Momsen is one of the most talented artists out there. Not only did she have an acting career, she’s an amazing singer, performer and even a great guitar player. Taylor Momsen played the guitar for her last song “Take Me Down” and went out with a bang. The Pretty Reckless is an act you don’t want to miss!


Now these first two bands were fantastic, but fans were still on the edge of their seats waiting for the headlining band to take the stage. That band is the one and only, Shinedown!

Shinedown made their entrance grand as they entered the stage as their two big screens opened up. The band opened with their hit song “The Saints of Violence and Innuendo” off their seventh studio album Planet Zero which is set to be officially released in July. They also performed the lead single and title track “Planet Zero” which just notched the band their 18th #1 at Active Rock Radio.

Shinedown brought the heat for these new songs as pyro and fire shot up from the stage. Shinedown vocalist Brent Smith wasn’t the only one belting out their songs, Green Bay fans sang along to every single song. Many fans were mesmerized by the stage presence and set up that Shinedown presented. From the different lights, pyro and fire, it all made for an unforgettable performance.

Also, not many bands can say they’ve made a movie, but Shinedown can. Titled “Attention Attention” with contents showing how their sixth studio album Attention Attention came together. This movie can be viewed on Tubi TV, YouTube, Apple TV and more. Shinedown is made up of some incredible artists featuring Brent Smith on vocals, Eric Bass on the bass, Zach Meyers on the guitar and Barry Kerch on the drums. These four talented artists make Shinedown a must see act! Overall The Resch Complex in Green Bay, WI was a beautiful arena to hold this great tour package in. The Revolution’s Live tour has over a dozen shows left, so do yourself a favor and buy tickets to see the show nearest you!

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