Senses Fail teases new music and return to early sound, claims it’s “reminiscent of Your Favorite Weapon-era Brand New”

With 6 full-length albums under their belt and a new EP released this year (In Your Absence), Senses Fail represents a band that is flexible and adaptable to change. They’ve aged shockingly well over the years, too, arguably releasing their best work with 2013’s hardcore-oriented Renacer.

Given the success of the band playing anniversary tours for Still Searching and Let It Enfold You, though, there is clearly a strong grip on those early nostalgic albums. And why not? They’re cornerstones of mid-2000’s post-hardcore/pop-punk.

That being said, it’s been wondered exactly what the band’s upcoming 7th full-length sounds like. Will it veer more toward hardcore again? According to the band’s Facebook, it’s reminiscent of YFW-era Brand New – an album that was a massive influence on early SF material.

You can check out the studio footage below, and it seems that Buddy Nielsen is responding to some fan questions via FB comments – so you may want to ask some yourself.

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