Could we be getting a Drive-Thru Records tour w/Senses Fail, New Found Glory, The Starting Line, and more?

In the early 2000’s, there were fewer labels churning out pop-punk/emo success stories more than Drive-Thru Records. The home of seminal releases from artists as varied as RX Bandits, Something Corporate, New Found Glory, and the ballsy The Early November masterpiece The Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path, you could essentially have issues choosing even a top 20 Drive-Thru Records album list, given the expansion of what the label did in its 12 year run.

Given the end of the label in 2008, though, it’s almost certain that nothing will surface from Drive-Thru again. There’s no shame in what they did, selling over 7 million records as a label is nothing to sneeze at. But given the pop-punk and post-hardcore scene’s reverance for nostalgia, could we be seeing an unofficial Drive-Thru Records alumni tour of sorts? If a recent tweet from Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen is to be believed, it’s certainly possible.

The proposed tour from Nielsen, which would also include The Starting Line, New Found Glory, The Early November, and The Movielife, would make a lot of sense, too. The Movielife are about to drop their first album in 14 years, New Found Glory are supporting a new record, The Starting Line are active again and released an EP last year, Senses Fail could be done with a new record by then (fall, maybe?), and The Early November are still supporting their 2015 record, Imbue. Granted, this is all based off one tweet and a lot of conjecture, but analyzing it a bit makes a lot of sense. Now all we need are RX Bandits, Midtown, and, well, most of the roster. What the label accomplished in 12 years of existence really set the tone for a lot of the pop-punk and emo music we have now, so whether anything actually transpires out of this or not, Drive-Thru Records’ legacy is something to celebrate.

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