February 27, 2024

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Reviving Electronic Music From A Social Slump

There are no rules for content creation on TikTok. Unlike YouTube, TikTok’s short-form format encourages creativity and innovation. The platform is changing how music is packaged, distributed, and listened to. Musicians are testing how to promote content on TikTok as they try to keep up with trends. They also depend on other mediums to enhance their output.

Artists’ TikTok Experiences
Some DJs, including DJ Jyoty, DJ Chapman, and DJ Habibeats, are creating social media currency for electronic music on TikTok. Live mashup videos, bitesize gear reviews, sample breakdowns, viral Boiler Room moments, and tutorials are some music content on the platform. Besides, DJ Kikelomo Oludemi revealed in an IMS presentation that a dance, personality, or meme could complement a track on TikTok.

TikTok provides a platform for the likes of Sargolini, an introverted creative, to market their art. Such individuals struggle to do so on social media. The DJ and performance artist found hungry and receptive audiences who could interact with his content on TikTok. He showcases his creative process in his videos. Sargolini samples, cuts, and mixes live video clips to create beats.

The wide appeal of TikTok results from the perception that media giants haven’t corrupted the platform. A producer and DJ, Alex Chapman, affirmed that anyone could get massive views and engagement on the platform. Chapman has gotten millions of views on viral mashups. The DJ revealed that a mashup of Ash Niko and Lady Gaga was the first video that led to his success on TikTok.

Artists like Chapman and Sargolini have shown that remixing or producing viral sounds can be a professional and sustainable strategy. However, adding a trending TikTok sound can improve the chances of a video becoming viral. Chapman is now one of the creators who joined SoundOn, TikTok’s distribution platform. TikTok distributed “Horsey,” his new single. Chapman can directly earn royalties on the platform for the track.

Likewise, one of the most significant professional milestones achieved by Sagolini resulted from using a viral sound. He mixed his sample for the 2021 Adult Swim trend with a Rick and Morty clip. TikTokers created Adult Swim-style bumps with the remix of “Time Moves Slow by BadBadNotGood”, produced by Vano 3000, a user.

Sargolini’s video was one of the viral ones in the trend. It received 1.4 million views across TikTok and IG. The performance artist revealed that Adult Swim followed him shortly after his video went viral. Months later, he got commissioned by Adult Swim to produce Toonami’s 25th Anniversary videos.

Boundary-breaking Can Improve Engagements In Electronic Music
The IMS lead researcher, David Boyle, explained that young people are interested in culturally rich music, not genre classification. He pointed out that many electronic music artists draw boundaries, which do not encourage engagement. However, IMS analysis revealed that electronic and hip-hop markets compete for the same audience. Consequently, the growth of one sector results in a drop in the other, especially in the United Kingdom.
TikTok allows artists to succeed without depending on record labels’ resources. It redefines artists’ interaction with their fans. However, they must satisfy the platform’s algorithm by posting content thrice daily to reach listeners.

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