May 25, 2024

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Post-rock/post-hardcore band Gates return with first new song in five years, “Where To Begin”, off upcoming EP

With the release of their debut full-length album Bloom And Breathe in 2014, post-rock/post-hardcore band Gates should have received far more attention than they did. The album introduced their ability to mesh post-hardcore’s emotion, post-rock’s ebb and flow, and the desperation of emo into something that’s still really special now. A second full-length, 2016’s Parallel Lives, came after – and then the band more or less went silent.

Little did we know they were cooking up something that’s just as good as their previous material, while simultaneously blazing new trails musical trails. That’s just what “Where To Begin”, the band’s first new song in five years, accomplishes. It’s off the band’s upcoming EP, Here And Now, out October 29th – and if you’re like us and you really miss the spirit of bands like Moving Mountains, Gates will more than fill that void. Enjoy it below, it’s honestly a masterpiece!

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