December 6, 2023

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Bring Me The Horizon’s new song “DiE4u” appears to reference an underrated gem off ‘Sempiternal’

In a band’s catalogue, it’s not uncommon to hear references in a band’s newer material that calls back to their previous material. Sometimes it’s more subtle, and other times it’s super obvious (and impressive) like in The Wonder Years’ “I Just Want To Sell Out My Funeral”. Sometimes it’s a treat for the fans who are paying closer attention, and at other times it’s a way for said band to remember where they came from.

For a band like Bring Me The Horizon to do it sounds interesting, in theory. The band’s new single, “Die4u”, is already tearing up social media after its release last week, and while the song might throw fans for a loop (as their stylistic changes often do), it appears possible that the new track references an old Sempiternal favorite.

For comparison, here’s the lyrics from “Deathbeds”, off their 2013 album Sandpit Turtle:

“Eyes like a car crash
I know I shouldn’t look, but I can’t turn away”

And here’s the lyric that appears to reference “Deathbeds”, off “DiE4u”:

“This isn’t love, this is a car crash”

Obviously, this is a bit of a stretch – there’s no getting around it. But it’s not outside of the realm of possibility, either. While references to car crashes are often used as a metaphor in many genres of music, it’s quite possible the new BMTH song is a callback to their song “Deathbeds”. They also bear similarities because “Deathbeds” was a huge departure from anything you’d expect to hear off Sempiternal back in the day, and it’s much the same for “DiE4u”, though it’s a single release (at this point). Whether or not they’re intentionally connected is anyone’s guess, but it’s certainly interesting to think about.

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