October 25, 2021

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Game Review – 2 Tribes Online Slot

Online casinos are popular with gamers all around the world and online slot machines are one of the most played options on these websites. Part of the appeal of slots is that they are a fast paced, easy to play type of game.

Playing slots does not require much experience or knowledge of the game, to get started all you need to do is pick a slot game and spin the reel. These games usually offer much lower wagering requirements than other games such as poker, so you generally win smaller sums of cash but you can play more games in total.

Another attractive feature that slot games have is their wide variety of themes. There are different themed games to suit all interests, from pop culture and history to fantasy and mythical creatures, the well known retro fruit machine style slot is also a traditional favorite with casino game players.

The slot game 2 Tribes by The Games Company is also a very popular option, this tribal themed game has 40 paylines and an array of bonus features. Many major providers host this online slot on their site due to its popularity, when searching for your next game, you will find 2 Tribes among these online slots.

2 Tribes game overview

In this five reel slot machine six tribes are fighting to gain control and players will witness them in an epic battle as they play to win some impressive prizes. The tribes might just give you a helping hand through boosting your betting amount and enabling some bonus features like extra or multiplying wilds and symbols.

Battle games are a huge trend at present with battle strategy titles such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Guns Of Glory being some of the favorite downloads on mobile app stores. These games give players the ultimate sense of glory and the thrill of participating in conflict, while avoiding too much gore with animated and cartoon characters and graphics.

The 2 Tribes game pays homage to this theme. While you will see the traditional card symbols on the reels, you will also notice that sticking out of them are the essential tools for battle, including swords, daggers, axes and other symbolic tribe pieces and battle equipment.

Slot game facts

The 2 Tribes game gives players a good chance of winning on every spin of the reel with 40 paylines and with each spin the slot player has the chance of getting a 5,000 credit jackpot. So while the chance of winning something is great, the amount is perhaps not quite as fantastic as the biggest prize is in fact only 100 times the line bet multiplier.

2 Tribes online slot bonus features

The game is often praised by its players for its top-rated animations of battle sequences as the six tribes attack. During these animation sequences you will come across some of the bonus features in the game.

One of the most special features has to be the Wizard Multiplying Wild and the Dwarf Multiplying Wild, if you get these you will know you are in for a good result. These wild symbols fill in the gaps in any winning paylines you might have, and these wins are then multiplied by a random value.

Another bonus you might come across is the Dragon Extra Wild or the Skeleton Extra Wild. Dragon and Skeleton are two types of tribe and if they attack during gameplay then they might just drop some wilds onto the reel, these might complete a winning payline or reward you with some other extra bounty to help you.

Knight and Caveman are also other tribes that frequently battle it out during the game, these tribes come along with extra expanding symbols. These symbols work by expanding to cover an additional reel position on both sides of the reel and increase your opportunities of winning a prize.

But when can you expect these bonus features to make an appearance while you are playing the game? Well, these battle attack sequences happen at random moments throughout the game so you cannot anticipate when they will next appear.

This is all part of the fun of 2 Tribes, you are constantly on edge waiting for the next battle to take place and give you more opportunities to win great prizes.

Who would enjoy this game?

Naturally, those who play slots tend to prefer faster paced games and the opportunity to place lower wagers and get through more games in a shorter amount of time in comparison to casino table games. Vibrant and clashing graphics help to captivate you and the interwoven storyline with the battling tribes helps to immerse you in the fun and holds your attention.

While players looking for huge prize sums might not find that 2 Tribes is the game for them, any player that loves action and creative bonus features will enjoy taking a few spins on this reel.

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