May 19, 2024

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Photo Review: The Get Free Tour Orlando, FL – February 12, 2018

Recently our photojournalist Savannah Rowley attended The Get Free Tour in Orlando, FL featuring bands Silverstein, Tonight Alive, Broadside and Picturesque. Each band brought amazing energy to the stage that kept the crowd rowdy and full of energy.

First up was the band Picturesque originating from Lexington, KY. Led by vocalist Kyle Hollis, the band started off the night with some post-hardcore jams such as “Waiting” and “Speak Softly.” Their most recent record, Back To Beautiful, was released on Equal Vision Records in 2017.


Next up was the pop-punk band Broadside originating from Richmond, VA. They played familiar songs such as “The Simple Type” and “Coffee Talk.”

After the opening acts came the first headlining band of the night, Tonight Alive originating from Australia. The band played songs from almost every album, including songs from their latest album Underworld such as “Disappear” and “Temple.”

Lastly, the band Silverstein took the stage originating from Ontario, Canada. The room was filled with lots of moshing and crazy energy. The band played familiar songs such as “Ghost” and “Whiplash.”

Overall the crowd was insane and the bands played their hearts out, if you have a chance to attend this tour you definitely don’t want to pass it up. You can purchase tickets for upcoming dates here.



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