Album Review: Vexes rise to the top of the alternative metal heap on “Ancient Geometry”

The first thought I had when listening to Ancient Geometry, the debut full-length from alternative metal newcomers Vexes, was one of equanimity. There is something soothing to the band’s jagged, yet melodic post-hardcore tinged sound that I can’t place. Perhaps it’s the strong similarities to their heralded peers in Glassjaw, Deftones, and maybe even Quicksand? Could be. Ancient Geometry is overall, a well balanced mixture of heavy and melodic, like all good alt-metal should be.

Yet, the album’s most underrated strength is that of space. Space to breathe, space to grow, and space to throw you for a loop. Jagged post-hardcore hooks abound on album standouts “Helion” and “Plasticine”, the former of which chugs along with a post-metal groove where Vexes are completely locked in. You tend to get the feeling that the band’s three sides – alt-metal, post-hardcore, and post-metal – are being crushed together to create something highly unique and engaging. And therein lies the exciting part – considering that on their debut album, Vexes seem to have aced their first test – there is still room for growth.

Simply put, Ancient Geometry is exactly how to create an engaging alternative metal record. Devoid of any significant flaws, Ancient Geometry wins 50 gold stars from us. There are few brand new acts in this genre that are putting together a bold debut album, and while comparisons to their peers may abound, what’s wrong with being compared to other groundbreaking acts? Nothing. The album drops February 23rd.

Put Vexes on your radar. Now. You can stream all 3 released tracks on our Modern Rock Spotify playlist below, as well as the band’s song, “Helion”, on Youtube. If that’s your preference.

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