February 28, 2024

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NFM Horror-Thon 2020 : Fear Pharm (2020) Review


Well this was a horrible way to get off my yearly Horror-Thon, a month of as much horror as I have the time to cram in. Which now thinking about isn’t any different than a normal month anyway.

Fear Pharm covers 4 kids (I’ll use the term kids very loosely here) who decide to go to a corn maze haunted house and are then chosen as the VIP’s of the night. Being chosen comes with a special condition with the chance to win up to $10,000 if they can complete the maze of their choosing in either 1 or 2 hours.

Upon splitting up though to help even their chances of winning the money, each person finds that the actors in this part of the maze are taking things more extreme and real than they should be and it quickly becomes a case of survival.

Filmed on an actual corn maze / haunted house the atmosphere is at least there, but still heavily underutilized. We are given nothing great from the few locations shown and the corn maze itself is even made to look as generic as can be.

The twist of the film is honestly just super far out there in ways that nearly ruin the film as well as giving our “final girl” of the film a horrible death out makes it seem like the film didn’t have much to close with. Most deaths are done off screen and what we do see is filled with horrible CGI blood spurts.

Overall the film could have potential if done with a completely different story. But with villains that give almost no backstory, a cheap ending, poor kills and CGI, and unlikable main characters we just aren’t given anything great to run with for this one.

Score :


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