New South Wales deathcore band Complexant set to release their new song “I’ve Been Waiting” on June 3rd

Complexant is a New South Wales-based deathcore band that found their footing in 2017 with the release of their debut song ‘Venom’. The band played some shows before ultimately going silent. In December 2021 Complexant was given a new lease on life, and began the next chapter of their musical journey. Showing a lot of promise in their talent and songwriting capabilities, the band has recently released their music video for their new song ‘No Forgiveness, No Redemption’ which premiered on Slam Worldwide,¬†garnering praise from fans. Complexant is preparing to release their third single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ on June 3rd, and the song comes complete with a music video as well. We are excited to see what Complexant has in store for the foreseeable future.

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