May 25, 2024

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Spanish deathcore band Mankind Grief release their latest song “Dead Sprawl”, new album coming soon!

Formed in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, came Mankind Grief. This in your face deathcore group has an already impressive discography under their belts. The group launched their first EP ‘Inquisitor’ in 2019. Mankind Grief showcased their galactic take on alien-themed deathcore, and they do it very well. Mankind Grief has recently released their latest single ‘Dead Sprawl’, and it’s definitely worthy of a bigger audience. ‘Dead Sprawl’ takes the listener on a wild ride from start to end. The song kicks off in high gear and keeps the momentum going throughout the track. The band has previously released “Scourge Of The Macrocosm”, which marked the first single from the band’s upcoming album ‘Monarch‘. The album is set to be unleashed on June 24th, 2022! ‘Monarch’ is set to release via Lacerated Enemy Records. Mankind Grief showcased remarkable songwriting skills within the genre, impressive otherworldly vocals, and compelling song structure within their two latest singles. I’m now a fan, and I’m sure if you gave them a chance you will be as well!

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